My own perceptions

These are seven of the conditions I think he did change for us.


1. clarified to us who God really is. The true nature of God was not very clear under the O C.

2. really revealed and exposed our sinful nature. The closer we get to him the more obvious it will become to us.

3. fulfilled all prophesies about the Messiah. Through thousands of years different persons heralded and presaged his arrival. (Most of them did probably not know of what they did. However, today we can see the patterns.)

4. took the iniquity of us all upon himself. He did set every singel human free from the eternal condemnation that we had steped into. Nobody else can or could have done that.

5. conquered fysical and spiritual death. "Where, O death, is your sting?" "Where, O death, is your victory?"

6. saved us all from being aligned with Satan, and gave us arms and armory for a final victory over evil.

7. sent us the Spirit of Truth. He is in labour among us still.

Postat av: Dag

Your Blog Content progress is really escalating in a pretty good way. You have found a way of expression that is so typical my friend, mr Bronsek, with humour and truth in a sovereign manner.
PS Already up on Top 15; what a speed! It must been Celestic!

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