The thunder kiss!

Out of the river she went...
...into the arms of her master.
Wet and cold...
...he grabbed her neck...
...and gave his beloved pet...
...the thunder-kiss!
(Her name is Gloria "Thunder" Bernadina)

Min egen superkärring - My own old super-woman

 Min egen superkärring

We have spent the last quater of a centuary together my super-love and me.

She had to endure a lot of drudgery for her conviction that I one day should make my breakthrough.

In spite of the fact that she was born in the fourties, gave birth to a bunch of lovely kids and in spite of the grind of everyday life she still looks like a real chick to me.

Befor she married me she was a Salvation Army soldier, worked in London, stayed for a while in a French convent, vent to Israel as a kibbutz volonteer.

Hospice nursing is her speciallity. Even as a senior she went to work at St Christofers in London. Most of last year she worked in Norway.

Right now I have got her around at least, but one never knows what she is up to next.

Real me (the madman)

Real me (madman)

Det rara gamla paret

Det rara gamla paret