Min egen superkärring - My own old super-woman

 Min egen superkärring

We have spent the last quater of a centuary together my super-love and me.

She had to endure a lot of drudgery for her conviction that I one day should make my breakthrough.

In spite of the fact that she was born in the fourties, gave birth to a bunch of lovely kids and in spite of the grind of everyday life she still looks like a real chick to me.

Befor she married me she was a Salvation Army soldier, worked in London, stayed for a while in a French convent, vent to Israel as a kibbutz volonteer.

Hospice nursing is her speciallity. Even as a senior she went to work at St Christofers in London. Most of last year she worked in Norway.

Right now I have got her around at least, but one never knows what she is up to next.


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