Messianic plan - historical and present visions.

Messianic plan
J. L. Horner grew up in a Catholic environment in U.S.A. He tells that every moment of his childhood he was scared about hell: "I could tell you horror stories about the visions of hell that the God Damned Catholic Church filled my little head with as a child" he told me in an e-message." As an adult Horner abandoned the Church and his faith. He continue: "All of Jesus' supposed "miracles" and all of Jesus' "good" "teaching" were all a trap for Jesus' New Testament's eternal torture on humans. I know of noone else in any other religion who ever cursed any humans or humanity to eternal torture for unbelief in himself - Jesus did that very thing. And people believe he is a savior of humans."  

Last summer J. L. Horner published the book "Little Pope Peep" that he had been working on for several years. To put the book on market he kept a frequently visited web-site, that he unfortunately had to close by the end of the year. It resulted in an open and vital discussion, as Horner challanged Christian leaders to tell him some conditions that Jesus really did change for humanity. "Do we sin less now than before Jesus?" "Did people turn away from God to a greater extent before Jesus?" were some of his rethorical questions.

What do you think? Below you will find my answer to Horner and a couple of other entries from his web-site. Comment on any of them and I'll try to bring you in touch with the author.

Postat av: Paul Tice

This book, "Little Pope Peep", is excellent. We wrote to address connected to it, but no response. We have many who want copies, would like more. Is it possible to contact the author in some way? Noticed some Christian links now with the posts. Has he recanted this work?

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