J. L. Horner Monday, 10/18/04, 3:38 AM

 Wade, You have just given a ton of examples of how the STORY OF JESUS is a story that was borrowed from other Mythological stories about others. Most probably Jesus was a real human being who lived within decads of and before the gospels were written. However the gospels were written most probably decades later. You have to realize that during the Roman conquest there was alot of trade throughout the Roman empire. There was alot of people traveling around from place to place. Stories traveled far and wide. In order to make their Jesus big and important those, who were making thier living preaching Jesus and who were also scaring everyone with the end of the world, were telling every one Jesus was coming back during their lifetime to take the believers to heaven and the unbelievers were going to be punished by eternal fire. In order to make their Jesus as big as all the myths floating around about all of the mythological figures people believed in at the time the promoters of the new money making religion of Christianity had to make Jesus out to be someone as big and as astonishing as all these other mythological figures and the stories about them that were running rapid at the time. The similarity of the stories about Jesus and the already existing stories about all of the mythological characters only is evidence the stories about Jesus are mere copies of pagan myths. Thank you for pointing out many of the similarities. However, I believe you are nuts for thinking that Jesus was a manifestation of God because the stories about him paralleled these other mythological stories. The paralles that any experts in ancient mythology can see to the stories about Jesus are proof the stories about Jesus were mostly made up. 30 to 90 years after someone lived is a long time to accurately record Jesus words and actions. What the N T claims Jesus to have said and done were in many if not most cases never said or done by Jesus. I think you have totally gone off the deep end in your belifs. You are trying to rationalize all of the myths and religions of past human imagination as being a revelation of God just because they include some good teaching. That is the BIG trap of all religions - they mix in good teachings with all of their mythology and millions of people are duped by it all. Also you failed to justify the existence of eternal torture of humans for unbelief in humans. Your dreams have no validity. If you put credence in your dreams and believe in hell just because you were able to imagine a trip there, then I challenge your ability to be rational.


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