Fr. David C. Trosch

 Fr. David C. TroschWho would think that this jovial man is a bloodthirsty beast and a prophet of reversed "Christianity"? He is a controversial Catolic priest in Mobile, Alabama. He contradicts the pope John Paul II and any Christian representative on the issue of death penalty. An other field of activity is to set potential unstable murderers on people involved in abortion. "Kill the killers and we will all be killed happily ever after" may be a slogan for dear David. He is, however, quite inconsistant as he contradicts the law when his own fellow murderers ends up in the death row. In his youth David Trosch was a soldier, and I think he is mentaly war disabled. We have a problem here in Sweden with mentaly disorderd killers, but I think this problem has other quite unexpected dimensions in the US.

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Förlåt men abort ÄR mord!

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